Doctors at the Satna’s Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in India’s state of Madhya Pradesh were surprised to the bone after they extracted 263 coins, 100 nails, a hefty piece of rusted iron shackle, dozens of razor blades, glass shards, and stones from the stomach of a 35-year-old Maksud Khan from India.

The man was taken to the hospital on suspicion of food poisoning following complaints of a stomach upset. However, doctors realised that the problem had nothing to do with food poisoning.

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After an endoscopy, they then decided to rush Khan to the surgical theatre for surgery. It was there that the surgeons had the shock of their lives.

After extracting the aforementioned metallic and glass objects from his stomach, leader of the surgical team, Dr. Priyank Sharma said “The patient was complaining of stomach pain, so we thought of getting an endoscopy done. We were shocked to discover coins, nails, and nut-bolts in his stomach. It’s the first time we’ve come across such a case in our career. This man looks mentally unstable as no sane person would do something like this.”

Another surgeon also said the operation “was done in the nick of the time as some of the nails lodged had pierced his stomach, caused bleeding and resulted in loss of hemoglobin.”

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It also reported that in 2015, a Bathinda farmer called Rajpal Singh had a similar situation where surgeons took out 40 coins, 150 nails, some nuts, bolts, and batteries from his stomach. His case was also as a result of mental health.