My teacher raped and impregnated me, forced me to abort it – Bitter lady (video)

Some people are genuinely generous to the needy, and would expect nothing in return for their philanthropic gestures, but that cannot be said for everybody.

My teacher raped and impregnated me, forced me to abort it – Bitter lady

Poverty forced Beatrice Oyombe from Nairobi, Kenya into the yawning jaw of her teacher who offered to be of help to her, ostensibly to make her get the formal education she yearned for, just like other girls.


The very day she accepted the offer was the beginning of a journey to her bitter end, which almost resulted in her death.

Beatrice told that her poor mother could not afford to take her to high school, hence she had to stay home for a long time in despondency, but her determined mother would never stop the struggle.

She said: “One month passed and I had not gone to school. There was no money to take me to high school. One day my mum came home with some old school uniform and one exercise book.”


Her mother reportedly took her to an unnamed school where she pleaded with the head teacher to admit her into the school, all in a bid to ensure she becomes useful to society, and the head teacher fortunately gave her the nod.

However, Beatrice said: “I went to class and there was this teacher who told me he knew my sisters, so he told me to say if I needed anything. One day he helped me out.”

This unnamed teacher started by buying her a pair of shoes, making both Beatrice and her mother think that a good Samaritan had come their way, little did they know that the teacher was on a mission to destroy the needy, but determined girl.


By way of appreciation to him, Beatrice’s mother often asked her to go and tidy up the teacher’s house, and she sometimes returned with some food stuffs, until one day when the teacher got naughty.

“He started kissing and touching me then I left. I went to his place another time, and we ended up having sex. It continued for a while,” she said.

Obviously both Beatrice and her teacher were having unprotected sex, and pregnancy arose, and she informed him about it.

“He told me I would not continue with my studies if I kept the baby. He then said he feared his image would be ruined,” she said. After the abortion, he tried to avoid me and I felt so bitter. I wanted to revenge and die in the teacher’s house.”


The story of Beatrice is not unprecedented. In fact, it is a global thing of which even pastors are guilty. Sometimes, it is parents and close family members who exploit the vulnerability of younger relatives for their parochial interests.



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