A 24-year-old woman turned into “Lucifer” after receiving a necklace from her friend as a gift.

According to nairobinews.nation.co.ke, the young woman disappeared from her business premises in Kasuku on Wednesday only to be found in Kalou the next day.

The woman reportedly looked possessed and referred to herself as “Madam Lucifer Levanoda” while she turned around on the ground and spoke some incoherent words.

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Witnesses said the woman started behaving strangely just after receiving the necklace gift and soda from a friend at the Kasuku market the previous day.

Earlier, she requested for food, but later declined to eat, claiming that her so-called friend had warned her not to eat.

“She has told me not to eat your food. She is coming for me. We are going for a feast in the Indian ocean. My friend will also give me a green soda like the one she gave me yesterday,” the ‘Lucifer’ said as she held the necklace gift as though it was the medium of connection between her and the spiritual world.

As some people within crowd tried to snatch the necklace from her, she threatened to and indeed bit one of the men in the process.  One of the men by name, Mr. Mwangi said “We thought the demons were in the necklace as she appeared to be consulting with it as she mumbled. But she was very powerful, biting one of the two men who had attempted to wrestle the necklace from her.”

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Mr. Mwangi further added that “Some of the priests requested an explanation about the condition of the lady, promised to come but switched off their phones.”

One of the pastors for instance said “it depends on the type of anointing oil one has. Mine is not meant for such demons. I don’t want any trouble,” according to Mr. Mwangi.

It took the intervention of a certain woman who reportedly claimed she did not believe in demons, to snatch the necklace. Reports say as soon as the said necklace was burnt, the young woman regained consciousness and was taken away by family members present.