A security guard in South Africa’s Soweto is facing trial for allegedly

Spokesperson for the Gauteng education department, Steve Mabona who confirmed the development to buzzsouthafrica.com said the Sowetan man was arrested after two girls, a Grade 2 and Grade 6 learners opened a case against him.

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According to reports, the case the girls brought forth against the security guard encouraged other girls to open up about his pervasive sexual harassment. In all, at least 54 girls have alleged that the guard has sexually assaulted them.

Steve Mabona said “…During interaction with learners, it was … established that he assaulted 54 girls at the school … the case is quite sensitive and after investigations by our team we will have a better understanding of the situation at the school.”

A distressed mother of one of the victims said she had a call from her husband that “something bad has happened to our daughter.”

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“When I arrived at the clinic, I was informed that my daughter had been sexually abused and I broke down. The nurse asked my daughter what had happened and my daughter told her that mkhulu (grandpa) keeps touching her inappropriately, saying the security guard had put his fingers in her vaginal area.”

Another mother of one of the victims was quoted to have said “It was hard for me to listen to my daughter give a statement to the police because I could see how hurt she was by this ordeal.

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“I will have to monitor my child to see if there are any lasting effects, but I hope the Gauteng Department of Education will provide counselling for her.”The suspect has been appearing before the Protea Magistrates’ Court to answer to the charges levelled against him.