Pantang teenager cries for help as index finger rots away after wearing stolen ‘spiritual’ ring

A teenager at Pantang in the Ga East Municipality of the Greater Accra Region is seeking help to free his index finger from a ring he had stolen from a vendor about a week ago.

Pantang teenager's index finger rots away after wearing stolen ‘spiritual’ ring

According to, the young man who identified himself as Seth Omari Boateng narrated that the ring is proving deadly, giving him sleepless nights.

The news website reported the teenager as recounting how he visited a jewelry stand to buy a chain he had been sent for. However, when he entered the shop, he spotted a silver ring which he desired to own but did not have money to buy it so, he stole it instead.

Seth Omari Boateng disclosed that he hid the ring inside a cloth and succeeded in escaping with it but he is now paying for it dearly.

He is further reported as saying that for over a week now, the ring has been unable to come off but rather keeps eating into his flesh.

Assembly Member of the area identified as Obedeka is pleading for help to save his subject after a Beninois spiritualist has reportedly diagnosed the ring as one made for spiritual sale.

A couple of weeks ago, a similar situation befell another teenager whose hand was rotting away after he put his friend’s ring which was said to be a spiritual one on his finger.

The young man was later reported to have been saved by a spiritualist.


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