People used to urinate on me knowing I couldn’t defend myself - Man with disability (video)

A young man with a disability has recounted how some bullies used to deliberately urinate on him, just because they knew he was not capable of defending himself.

People used to urinate on me knowing I couldn’t defend myself - Young man with disability (video)

The handsome young man identified as Jean Pere was born through a caesarian section and came out with malformed legs.


His father got infuriated with his mother, saying his family didn’t have such a disability, so he would not take the child.

However, as a mother who carried a pregnancy for nine months, Jean Pere’s mother decided to stand by him at the risk of her life. Her husband beat her up many times just because of her insistence to keep the child with a disability.

At a point, he assaulted her and went further to set her ablaze alive but she survived.


It was at this point that she realized that she could die if she did not escape from the constant abuses. They have a house, but if she dares return there with her child, trouble for her, so she decided to rent a house to live in with her child.

She has no stable source of income, so survival becomes difficult for her and the son.

“I have to work on people’s farms to get some money for our feeding,” the loving mother lamented in an interview with Afrimax English while wiping her uncontrollable tears and showing the scars from the assaults and the burning she was subjected to by her husband, just because she gave birth to a child with a disability.


Many schools rejected Jean Pere due to his disability. He used to suffer a lot of bullying at the hands of members of his community until they finally came to the realization that he was one of them.

He decided to build emotional and mental fortitude against the bullying to be able to survive.

“I was born disabled, I try and do different skills, play with other children to avoid loneliness and depression.”

He sometimes goes to the streets to make some interesting performances at the end of which he gets a few coins from benevolent people to buy food for himself and his mother.

He is said to be suffering from Sacral Agenesis, a congenital condition associated with caudal regression syndrome characterized by the partial or complete absence of sacrum and lower lumbar spine.


Doctors offered to correct the condition through a surgery but his poor mother could not afford the cost.

Jean Pere and his mother have admitted that life has been difficult for them to the extent that they sometimes have to go to bed on empty stomachs.

A GoFundMe account has been opened under the video for those who may want to help alleviate the plight of the young man and his suffering mother to do so.



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