Platform set to launch its own cryptocurrency

MMM plans to come back by jumping in on the cryptocurrency trend.


News reports have revealed that all helpers and receivers can use local currency, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash to transact on the platform.

That's not all.


Konbini reports that MMM will soon be joining the over 1400 cryptocurrencies in existence.

Sergei Mavrodi, founder of MMM, reportedly revealed that the website was scheduled to launch the coin, called The Mavro, on January 21, 2018.

The Mavro is being sold as the planet's first decentralized multi-level marketing structure which will be based on both ethereum and the popular blockchain.

MMM previously the platform initially released an MMM coin, which Mavrodi claims will be bigger than Bitcoin.

Sergei Mavrodi also said that it wouldn't be fully operational till he had 10 million users in the system. He hopes this happens before his 63rd Birthday on August 11, 2018.


Sergei Mavrodi, Vyacheslav Mavrodi, and Olga Melnikova founded MMM (Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox) in Russia back in 1989. It in 1994 and was shut down by authorities.

It later moved to South Africa and several other countries before starting operations in Nigeria in January 2016.

Participants were promised a monthly return of 30%, however, MMM abruptly shut down in December 2016, with an estimated 3 million Nigerians losing their funds.

Seeing the terrible history Nigerians have with MMM, it's hard to tell if we would be patronising the platform on a coin basis.



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