As a part of a special collaboration with Gizmodo,

The following infographic allows you to click through and see how long on average Pornhub users around the world spend on the site by country and US state, as well as by city again on both the international and individual state levels.

The data used was compiled over the Fall of 2014.  And if you're wondering how Ghana did, well, we were quite impressive with 12.09 mins.

Ghana fell shortly behind Togo with 15:03 and China.

I’m not sure if they’re basing this on how long people stay on the site or if they actually timed people from around the world having sex, either way it’s pretty cool.

The average time in the UK is 9:28 and 9:08 in Ireland. Ha! But the US are beating both with 10:17. The country with the lowest endurance is Iraq with a disappointing 5:30. And the country with the most impressive stamina is ‘Western Sahara’ with an incredible 16:16.