Mom takes baby's corpse for shopping shortly after murder

A woman was apprehended while carrying her babys corpse in a purse during shopping at Victorias Secret store.


She was caught when security guards manning the boutique suspected her of shoplifting which prompted a search and subsequent discovery of the dead baby report says.

The smell which oozed out from the bag reportedly gave her away.

In a Facebook message to a friend, an unremorseful Rodriguez talked about burying the child and heading for a take-out with her company.


"Take this s*** and dig a hole, put it somewhere then we can go and eat some pancakes," the woman who has been resigned to prison for a period of 16 years wrote.

She reportedly pleaded guilty to first degree manslaughter under extreme emotional disturbance in January 2018, prompting a sentence from a judge.

During trial, it was gathered that Tiona Rodriguez has been pregnant three times, her first encounter happened when she was 14.

Foul odour gives suspected ritualist away, found with stinking baby corpse

The foul odour of a decomposing baby concealed in a polythene bag blew the cover of Ajiboye Olusola, a 42-year-old man who was apprehended by the policemen in Ogun State at the Sapade Motor Park on Friday, December 22, 2017.


Commuters who boarded a vehicle with the suspect raised an alarm which invited the presence of the police due to the offensive smell that oozed out of the carriage.

Abimbola Oyeyemi, the Police Public Relations Officer for Ogun state noted that Olusola mentioned that he was taking the corpse of the infant for a burial in Lagos when questioned, Punch News reports.

A statement offered by the PPRO disclosed that the suspected ritualist had embarked on a trip from Kwara state until he was arrested.

His explanation concerning how he came to be in possession of a human body appeared unconvincing which prompted a decision to take him to a police station.



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