However, the reaction of a Tanzanian minister responsible for environment president Magufuli fired him is so unique that, it has got many people thinking if he had already been prepared for his sack.

Reports say January Makamba was fired by Magufuli on Sunday, July, 21, and replaced with former minister for regional administration and local government authorities, George Sembachawene.

However, instead of bickering and trying to justify why he should not have been sacked, Makamba welcomed his dismissal, saying he is so happy about it.

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He resorted to twitter to write: "Kwa kweli nimeyapokea mabadiliko yaliyofanywa kwa moyo mweupe kabisa kabisa. Nitasema zaidi siku zijazo (I have indeed received the changes that were effected with a kind heart. I will talk more about it in the coming days)."

What is even more interesting is the photo he attached to his post in which he is seen sitting with a grey-haired friend in a jovial mood, instead of expressing sadness.

Apparently, Makamba has served his role well and won the hearts of many Tanzanians, most of whom have commended him and bid him farewell.