Students of the Zimbabwe’s university have reportedly vowed not to write their examinations until the country’s controversial President, Robert Mugabe steps down from the highest office of the land he has held for the past 37 years.

The Zimbabwean leader and renowned pan Africanist has been in the news for the past few days after he sacked his vice president who per the political structure of the country, was supposed to succeed the 93-year-old leader, and the subsequent bloodless coup by the country’s military.

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Mr. Mugabe was highly expected to announce his resignation on Sunday when he delivered a speech, but to everybody’s amazement, he did not make any mention of his decision, leaving the entire country in a state of suspense.

Reports making the rounds on social media suggest that students "locked up their lecturers in exam hall/venue refusing to write exams before Mugabe goes."

They have also questioned the circumstances under which wife of President Mugabe, Grace Mugabe was awarded a doctorate degree in 2014, calling for a revocation of the PHD.