Maybe you will find the strategy of this Ugandan lady useful because it was what saved her from being bitter and probably committing suicide as others would have done.

Jenny Mutale was supposed to have tied the knot with her ex-fiancé earlier than February, 25 2019.

However, on the day of the event, after going to the salon to get her groove on with the hope that she was going to be officially married, things turned upside down.

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She received a call from someone who informed her that the groom was not at the venue.

“I got a phone call that the groom was not yet at the church but I had to go to church to prove it and find a way out,” she is quoted as saying in an interview with told SparkTV.

When Jane and her bridesmaids arrived at the wedding venue, they realised that the groom was indeed not present.

She tried reaching him, but his phones were switched off.

Instead of collapsing and being rushed to the hospital, Jane remained strong as her guests consoled her.

They decided to do a church service after which they moved to the reception, ate the food meant for the wedding and drunk the drinks, without showing any sign of hurt or disappointment.

Jane said that she kept praying to God for the right man, and finally, she got married on February, 25 2019.

“Having faith in God helped me a lot I just had to pray to God to give me strength and courage that I can pass through such a trial,” she said.

Do you find her approach useful?