Fishermen in Kenya’s Mombasa County have admitted to using condoms in large numbers during their fishing activities, saying they are unable to go fishing without them.

When several used condoms were discovered on the shores of the Indian ocean recently, many people were suspicious that it was the fishermen who have been using the protective rubbers to have sex in the ocean.

However, attempting to clears the suspicions on people’s minds, one of the fishermen admitted to using condoms during their fishing activities in an interview with KTN.

He explained that contrary to suspicions that they might be using the condoms to have sex, they rather use them to protect their phones against getting into contact with water.

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The surge in the use of condoms by fishermen in the ocean follows the recent death of three fishermen who reportedly got trapped and died because they could not get in touch with their colleagues to rescue them.

Condoms are protective rubbers devised to protect people against contracting sexually transmitted diseases and also for family planning purposes, but Kenyan fishermen have found a totally different use for it.