A Nigerian man has made the headlines after he succeeded in marrying 3 women at a time in the country’s Delta state.

But for the ‘stubbornness’ of three others, the story would have been different. The elderly man had actually planned to marry six of the women on the same day, in the same ceremony at the same venue.

However, he intends to organise another ceremony for the other three soon.

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The event happened on Saturday, November 11, and another Nigerian, Jeke Godwin Ejiroghene who witnessed the ceremony, shared photos of the wedding with the inscription: “This young man got married to three women today at okpaka town in Udu local government area of Delta State. This same man is yet to pay the other three left. According to the man, he said he would have paid for the other three today as well but they are stubborn, but he promised paying others soonest. So if your sister is in this situation what will you do or say. This is a true life story.”

The marriage has got many people wondering what could have compelled three beautiful women to give consent to sharing the same man.