The case of a seasoned robber who employed the use of nothing but avocado to take huge sums of money from bank officials is a classic proof that there is hierarchy in criminality.

Prior to his arrest recently, the 47-year-old Israeli reportedly used his unpredictable trick at Beersheba where he succeeded in making away with 15,730.77 Israeli New Shekel (ILS), an equivalent of Ghs23,706.33.

A report attributed to the Times of Israel has it that, the robber walked into a bank and handed an error riddled note to the cashier and demanded money.

As the teller refused to withdraw the money for him, he brought out an avocado painted black, with which he threatened to blow up the bank, lying that it was a grenade.

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Fearing for their lives, the bank officials gave in, and he walked away with the above stated cash.

Apparently, having succeeded in robbing the bank and walking away scot-free, the man who is said to have been a known robber for the past three years thought it was going to be a sustainable source of income for him.

The man dressed in a black and white hat coupled with a brown jacket and black gloves, is reported to have walked into another bank and used the same tactic to rob them of ISL 11,659.92 (Ghs 17,571.56).

However, this time around, the police were able to track and arrested him before it came to light that the object with which he threatened his victims, claiming it was a grenade was actually harmless.

It was a mere edible avocado he intentionally painted black for his criminal operations.