Here’s a Chinese man who charges $1,500 for 10 minutes… to perform as US President Obama at corporate events!

The Xiao Jiguo, 29, says the first time he understood the resemblance was after the 2008 election.

"One day I cut my hair due to the hot weather and one of my colleagues who followed all the Obama stories at the time said to me, 'You look like Obama so much!'" he told NBC News.

"I didn't even know who Obama was at the time!" . What's the most difficult part of the impersonation? English, says Xiao.

"I don't speak English very well, so I speak in fake English. It sounds like English to those who don't speak English, but it's not English… even I don't know what I'm saying!" Xiao said.

His facial features are his own, without any plastic surgery, Xiao says.

And he hopes to meet the president one day to say thanks. Xiao believes there is a special connection between them.

“I think there is some bond between us as we share the same blood type and our birthdays are close."

Xiao became a star after taking part in the local ‘Chinese Dream Show’ three years ago. Before his career as an actor and impersonator, Xiao worked for almost 10 years as a security guard at a factory.