“Sin can never take a man to hell, never” – Pastor gives reasons (video)

A pastor has ignited controversy after saying that nobody will go to hell because of sin.

“Sin can never take a man to hell, never – Pastor gives reasons

According to the Nigerian man of God, if people will go to hell at all after death, it would not be because they have sinned while alive.


Identified as Dr. Abel Damina, the clergyman explained during a church service that Jesus Christ has died for the sins of humans, so there is no way anyone’s sins will end them in hell when the sins had been atoned for in perpetuity. He added that the only thing that can make man go to hell is rejection of Jesus Christ, but once they accept and follow him, there is no cause for alarm.

Sin can never take a man to hell, never,” a viral video shows him emphatically saying before proceeding to ask: “How can Jesus who is God die to pay sin and then sin now stands up to claim men?”

According to Dr. Abel Damina, so long as Jesus neither faked his death nor died accidentally, he sacrificed his life sufficiently for the salvation of all men whether they are sinners or not.


“For our sins has been paid that’s why faith in Christ is freedom from sin”.

He went further to ask his congregation members: “Did Jesus die or he fainted? Did he die or he collapsed? Was it a mistaken death or intentional? And why did he die intentionally?”

The obviously happy church members are heard in the video answering the questions in endorsement of their pastor’s position.


Some critics have however argued that Dr. Abel Damina’s preaching has the potential to urge his followers to engage in sinful acts unapologetically.

Watch the man of God in the video below as he preaches:



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