A Pilipino man, Elies ‘Peter’ Lenturio also known as the Philippine snake whisperer has died surprisingly after he cut off the head of a Cobra that bit him and drank the blood.

Countless times, the cobra king was bitten by different kinds of snakes, but he never sought medical attention at the hospital. He is noted for treating himself at home.

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This time round, it is surprising how a single bite by his own cobra could end his life.

According to odditycentral.com, Elies ‘Peter’ put the poisonous snake in his utility box of his motorbike. Strangely, when he attempted to open the box the cobra became unfriendly and bit his left hand.

It is not clear what could have angered the reptile, but suspicion is rife that the snake’s tail was probably pinched inside the box and it became hostile as a result.

The cobra king then got infuriated, slaughtered the snake and drunk the blood.

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Later, he became ill and some unusual foam was seen emanating from his mouth. He was rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

It is far from clear whether the cobra king’s death was as a result of the snake bite or the blood that he drank, because historically snake blood is consumed in certain countries like China, Malaysia and Thailand.