A woman suffering from a strange condition whereby she does not have an opening in her private part has been divorced by her husband after he could no longer take the frustration of a sexless marriage.

A Customary Court sitting in Abeokuta, Ogun State, had no choice but to nullify the three-year-old marriage between Femi Olayiwole and his wife, Kemi, due to the absence of a vagina, deceit and frequent fighting.

The aggrieved husband told the court that his wife deceived him to marry her knowing that she could not bear him a child.

Aside that, he also accused his wife of living a false life, frequent fighting and threatening his life.

"My wife had been deceiving me since we got married. I have never seen her pass through menstruation. My wife does not have any vagina opening.

Anytime I ask her for sex, she would give an excuse to back up her refusal. Meanwhile, we have been praying to God to give us children.

My wife did not tell me anything about her condition before we got married, until February this year that she confessed to me that she had never experienced menstruation in her life.

I thought she was lying, so I went to see her parents who told me it was true, and that they thought their daughter explained to me before we got married."

On the grounds and the absence of Kemi from the court after several summons, the president of the court, Olalekan Akande, dissolved the marriage, saying that both parties had made up their minds to part ways.