An unhappy man from Zambia has instructed his lawyers to file a suit against teachers of his former primary and secondary schools for teaching him things that are not useful to him in society currently.

27-year-old Robert Chikwanda from Lusaka, Zambia reportedly posted a video on social media in which he is heard ranting about how some of the things he suffered to learn and was even punished for by his former teachers are completely of no use in society.

He believes the teachers robbed his parents by making them pay for ‘irrelevant’ things such as X + Y = 23 which neither bring food to his table nor can be applied to solve any problem.

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Robert Chikwanda is quoted as saying: “To all my teachers who taught me I’m taking you to court for robbing my parents’ money.

“You were busy teaching me rewrites in English, Starch, X + Y = 23 when none of the above is applying in society.

“In banks we don’t use rewrites. I feel you taught me things that you knew could not add value in society”

Inasmuch as the intended suit might sound weird, almost everyone who has had the benefit of formal education would agree that, they had learn certain things in school that are completely irrelevant to their current profession or societal problems.