A viral video showed the Indian man hitting the rat on its head and belly, while it remained tied to the plastic bottle with its belly projected outward.

As he tortured the animal, the unnamed man could also be seen in the video asking the poor rat: “Why did you bite this causing me a loss of eighty rupees (one pound). Will your father or mother pay me for the loss now?”

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This is how angry man punished rat for chewing his phone charger
This is how angry man punished rat for chewing his phone charger

Although the video is such a hilarious one, it has enraged some animal rights activists who are entreating the Indian police to track the man and bring him to book for the cruel treatment meted out to the animal.

One of the Asian country’s animal rights activist, Subhendu Mallik is quoted as saying: “While killing a mouse is not illegal, this kind of torture is unwarranted. This is a crime under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and officials should act.”

It is not a pleasant thing to discover that your valuables have been destroyed by rats, but this Indian man is likely to pay for the anger he unleashed on the animal. In fact, he wouldn't have any question to answer if he did not film the act and posted online.