"This is KLM, not Ekiti" - Nigerian ‘next governor’ sacked from airplane for refusing to wear mask

An interesting drama allegedly ensued onboard a KLM flight as a Nigerian ‘big man’ was escorted off the plane after he refused to wear a face mask, bragging: “I’m the next governor of Ekiti State”.

This is KLM, not Ekiti - Nigerian ‘next governor’ sacked from airplane for refusing to wear mask

According to a Twitter user who claimed to have filmed the development, the Air Hostess asked the “next governor of Ekiti” several times politely to wear his face mask to avoid the likely spread of Covid-19 among passengers.

The Twitter user who identifies himself as Ex-boyfriend @DaevidJhon said the ‘big man’ blatantly refused, warning the hostess that she was not clothed with the power to instruct him on what to do.

Well, as persuasion failed, the lady first educated him that “this is KLM, not Ekiti” and then invited police officers to remove the troublesome “next governor of Ekiti” from the plane and they did.

Interestingly, when he realized that his big title could not save him, he then started begging to be allowed to wear the mask now and stay onboard the plane but that was too late.

Another Twitter user, @JideKola corroborated the story, saying he was onboard the said flight and witnessed the incident.

“Bro you were on my flight… I’m the one that started us begging for him… you’re definitely the guy on 3D or something saying he will miss his meetings,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, while some people on the microblogging site have been making fun of the development, others claim it looks fabricated.

One Henry @4eyedmonk said: “Nowhere in the picture do we see anyone remotely looking like a passenger arguing. Yet gullible, gossip-ridden, rumor-infected people in your comment are swallowing it.”

What remains unclear is the airport where the incident happened and when it occurred.


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