According to the founder of Rock of Ages Christian Assembly Inc in Nigeria, being a tenant is tantamount to having another Lord apart from Christ.

The clergyman said during his preaching that God is a Jealous God and doesn’t approve of his children having other lords beside him.

He explained that having landlords whom most tenants hold in high esteem degrades the might of God while delegating it to a human being.

Pastor Charles Osazuwa, therefore, advised his congregation to begin planning towards owning homes once they make their first salary, saying it doesn’t have to be an elaborate home.

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“The tenant is always at the mercy of the landlord. The landlord can call the tenant anytime and he can request to use his apartment anytime. The Christian who is a tenant should work towards freeing himself from the second Lord which is the Landlord,” the clergyman said.

“A church that operates in a rented apartment is having two lords. This should not be,” he added.

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