Adelaido Flores, the regional coordinator for public safety in Coahuila, near the Texas border is reported as saying the sixth-grader who was armed with two guns also died in the process.

It is unclear what compelled the youngster to do what he did but Coahuila Gov. Miguel Angel Riquelme told reporters that his classmates said he was alright until he voiced out a strange warning before executing the action.

"He told some classmates, 'Today is the day,' " Riquelme said.

According to the governor, the student asked to use the restroom shortly after 8 a.m. After about 15 minutes, the teacher went to look for him and found him leaving the restroom with weapons in hand.

He speculated that the boy might be influenced by the video game ‘Natural Selection’, a first-person shooting game because he was wearing an undershirt emblazoned with the game's name before committing the act.

"He had mentioned the video game, which I believe he tried to recreate today," the governor said.

TV Azteca showed footages of relatives of students arriving at the school to pick up students after the incident.

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Mayor of Torreón Jorge Zermeño Infante is reported as saying the incident occurred at the Cervantes de Torreón School in the industrial city of Torreón.

He disclosed that preliminary investigations revealed that the student entered the school and fired at a teacher before apparently shooting himself.

"We never would have imagined that a situation like this could occur in our society," the school said in a Facebook post.

It claimed in the post that a teacher and a student died in the shooting, while five 0ther students and a teacher were wounded.

Investigations are ongoing and the school officials were cooperating with the authorities to unravel the circumstances surrounding the incident.