A Brazilian judge on Wednesday, January 8, ordered Netflix to stop streaming a Christmas film that portrays Jesus Christ as a gay man.

According to ABC News, Benedicto Abicair gave the order following a petition that was brought before his court by a Brazilian Catholic organization claiming that millions of their members were hurt by the airing of the film titled ‘The First Temptation of Christ’.

He said that withdrawing the movie is not only good for the Christian community but to the Brazilian community as a whole.

The controversial movie was produced by Porta dos Fundos, a Rio-based film company.

It is further reported that they were attacked by a group of men on Christmas Eve as a reaction to the movie.

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Briefly.co.za reported a Nigerian gay man and activist Bisi Alimi as saying the controversial Jesus movie is a must-watch for everybody.

For him, using God himself as a character in a movie considered blasphemous makes it interesting.

Meanwhile, Brazil's Supreme Court has overturned the ruling of the lower court giving Netflix and Porta dos Fundos the green light to continue showing the movie.

The Supreme Court's president, Dias Toffoli, ruled late Thursday in favor of Netflix and the comedy group that made the film following an appeal.

He is reported as saying a satire alone did not threaten the Christian faith.

"We are not neglecting the relevance of respect for the Christian faith (as well as all other religious beliefs or their absence)," Toffoli wrote, according to Agencia Brasil. "However it should not be assumed that a humorous satire has the power to undermine the values of the Christian faith, whose existence has been for more than two thousand years."

Toffoli's ruling came just a day after a judge from the Sixth Civil Chamber of the Court of Rio de Janeiro ordered Netflix to suspend the film from its platform.