Indian man hangs 2-yr-old daughter over wife's infidelity

An extremely jealous man in Indian killed his daughter because he did not want her to be as promiscuous as his wife.

An Indian father

A 34-year-old Indian man, Ramnivas Gurjar, has been arrested for gruesomely killing his two-year-old daughter by hanging her because he suspected his wife, Hemlata Sahu, was sleeping with other men and did not want the child to be turned to  prostitute by her mother, reports Indian Times.


According to police reports, Gurjar killed his daughter mercilessly by hanging her from the iron railing of their balcony. The police found a note from the victim's clothes, in which the man said that he loved his daughter more than his life but was committing the brutal act because he didn't want his child to be turned into a prostitute by her mother.

The sick father even called up the police station to inform the cops about the incident and said that he had left the town for another location but he was later arrested at a nearby busy marketplace.

According to neighbours, Gurjar with his wife had constantly fought with each other over his constant suspicion of adultery.


On the night of the incident, the police say that the couple had a serious fight and Sahu left the house with her son. The frustrated man apparently could not control his annoyance. He fed the child and dressed her in new clothes.

Then he took the child for a walk and bought her biscuits. Later, he tied the child's neck with a piece of cloth and hung her from iron railing outside the balcony of their room at the first floor.

The accused called his wife and threatened to kill her. He fled after the murder and the sanitation personnel saw the body hanging in the morning.

"We found a note from the child's clothes in which the accused had written that he loved his daughter dearly but fearing that one day she would be forced to take the wrong path by her mother, he had no option but kill her," Ratan Chawla, the circle inspector said.



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