The Vice-Chancellor of the university, Professor Abednego F. O. Amartey, disclosed this while speaking at the university’s 2021 matriculation in Accra last Friday, reports say.

According to him, the University’s authorities had warned students that wearing skimpy and short dresses on campus violates the University rules, but the caution seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

“I have noticed that some of you have started wearing short skirts all over the place. The UPSA is a professional institution and we dress very well. We have directed lecturers that if you dress in an inappropriate manner, they should remove you from the lecture halls.

“You are not allowed to dress the way we have seen you dress these days. We allowed it in the past week because we assumed you did not know. Now you know, so there should not be excuses,” quoted Professor Abednego F. O. Amartey as having warned and urged female students to wear decent outfits, especially when attending lecturers.

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He cited “short skirts, torn jeans and other such apparel” as some of the outfits that are unacceptable in the university.

UPSA has admitted 8,247 students to pursue professional, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The number consists of 70 professionals, 1,623 diplomas, 5,671 undergraduate and 883 postgraduate students.

The university’s rules against indecent dressing, much as is in the right direction, risks a backlash from some advocates who champion freedom of dressing. However, every institution has its rules and regulations, and once students chose to study in the university, they are bound by those rules and regulations.