Adams who is also a married man, apparently has been gay for a long time unknown to many but only his close childhood friends who have now exposed him following their anger that he betrayed their trust in him.

According to a family source who revealed the information to this writer in Accra, Adams served as a conduit for his friends back home in Ghana who were internet fraudsters to use his bank account to facilitate their nefarious activities until he was caught, arrested and jailed by the US authorities .Upon interrogation, he confessed and revealed the identities of his accomplices in Ghana.

Furious that they had been betrayed, these friends of Adams then also decided to reveal his secret as gay to elders and people in the Nima suburb of Accra where they live and Adams is well known for his benevolence and generosity whenever he visits home.

Being a community that vehemently abhors same sex relationships, the angry elders have vowed to burn him alive whenever they set eyes on him and have been threatening to even burn his family home and harassing his parents since the revelation came out.

This has put Adams who is still serving time in jail in a very difficult position, afraid to come home after serving his time because of the threat hanging over his head.

"I spoke to him only three days ago and he's very worried because he has heard what his family is going through at the hands of the community elders so he is afraid what will happen to himself," the family friend explained.

"He has even spoken about engaging the police for security when he comes but we are not sure that can help so he is really confused," he affirmed.