Man inflates 12 lorry tyre tubes by blowing air through one nostril

Tang Feihu who is reported to have practiced martial arts and qigong for many years thought it plausible to apply his breathing techniques to the lorry tyre tubes inflating stunt after seeing videos of it online.

A report by indicated that Tang Feihu contacted the WRCA on July 5 this year to notify them about his ability to break the existing record and set a new mindboggling one.

The WRCA then delegated an officer to witness Tang Feihu’s performance on August 12, and truly he did not disappoint. It took him only 2 minutes and 30 seconds to inflate all the 12 lorry tyre tubes to the surprise of people present.

Reports say he started off by inflating 10 tyre tubes with a diameter of over 60 cm within 2 minutes and 39 seconds. After resting for about five minutes, the stuntman decided to increase the lorry tyre tubes to 12, and through one of his nostrils, he inflated them simultaneously within the unprecedented record time.

Man inflates 12 lorry tyre tubes by blowing air through one nostril

What makes Tang Feihu’s record more intriguing is the fact that the previous record which was set last year by another Chinese man, Nie Yongbing, it took him 20 minutes to inflate 4 lorry tyre tubes, however, he has been able to achieve trice his predecessor’s feat within just 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


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