Married man gets stuck in landlady during secret sex

Management of the Baraka Hotel in Kitale contacted the police when they heard a shout for help and realised upon entering one of their rooms that the couple had been stuck.


Reports say the adulterous man’s wife who hails from Lodwar was in the Kintale township for business on that fateful day.

She is reported to have earlier complained to the police that she suspected her husband and the landlady must have been up to something worth uncovering.

She said the landlady ‘coincidentally’ gets missing whenever her husband leaves for Kitale for business appointments.


The wife then confronted her husband to ascertain whether indeed there was any truth in her suspicion, but the man flatly denied having any sexual relationship with their landlady.

The unnamed wife subsequently proceeded to a witch doctor for a charm, having been unconvinced by her husband’s vehement denial of her accusation.

Unknowing what fate was awaiting him on that very day, the man went into the hotel room again with his landlady to have sex after he had informed her wife that he was going for business in Kitale.

It was not until staff of the hotel entered the room upon hearing their shout for help that they discovered that the man and his landlady sex partner had got glued to each other and became totally helpless.


Police was contacted, officers went into the hotel room and conveyed the two illegal love birds to their station.

The incident attracted so much crowd to the police station as everybody wanted to see for themselves what exactly had happened.

The man’s wife was also called to the police station to see her husband in that embarrassing state.



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