A Congolese member of parliament who had reportedly not visited his constituency for four years had the biggest regret of his entire life when he tried to visit his people recently.

Instead of showering him with smiles amidst jubilation as characterizes visits by politicians, the constituents laid ambush for the MP whose name is not yet known.

As soon as the four-wheel car entered the constituency, the angry constituents began to attack the vehicle from left, right and center with sticks and stones.

Aside God’s grace, the MP must be thankful to the driver of his car for being smart.

It is unclear if the lawmaker had not had prior intelligence about the mood of his people as a result of his abandonment before he set out to visit the constituency.

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A video of the incident has been circulating on social media, with some people saying it served him right.

It was posted on Facebook by a user identified as Erau Jonathan MP.