A 30-year-old project manager for a major bank in Sydney, Australia may be securing a place in the Guinness World Book of Records after he has blazed the trail in wearing women’s high-heels to work and any public or official meeting.

Imagine a Ghanaian or African man wearing women’s high heel-heels to any public place or an official meeting. The reaction that will likely meet him will make him regret having worn the shoes.

However, Ashley Maxwell-Lam decided to adopt the wearing of high-heels because he said it makes him feel empowered and confident, according to odditycentral.com.

He said he chose to wear the high-heels because of how gorgeous and respectable women look in them. He now has six pairs of high-heels he wears to work and meetings with clients.

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News.com.au quoted him as saying: “When I decided to wear them at work, I told my (manager) and she said, ‘Let me just confirm that’s OK. It was her making sure I wouldn’t get in trouble, but I replied, ‘This is not me asking, this is not a request, this is me telling you I’m going to be wearing heels.

“The only time I’ve had is actually within my own community. Some gay people have said to me, ‘Why are you wearing a heel, that’s disgusting, you’re a man? You shove it down people’s throats, no wonder gays get bashed.”

Ashley added that when people question him on wearing the heels: “I reply, ‘You lost the right to judge me when you preened yourself within an inch of your life. You may look like a lumberjack but your tan’s out of a bottle, your eyebrows are plucked, you go to a barber twice a week and you’ve never touched a power tool in your life’. Our emblem is a rainbow and yet they condemn others because they don’t align with their way of thinking.”