13 children held captive, chained to bed by parents in California

The 17-year old daughter of the Turpin couple had escaped from her parents captivity on Sunday, January 14, 2017 and alerted the police.


According to New York Times, the couple's activities were revealed to the police after one of their daughters, a 17-year old escaped the torture to alert the authorities.

The authorities had swung into action and rescued 12 of the girl's siblings in their parents' Perris home with some chained to bed when found.

In 2014, a couple in Houston, USA were arrested for endangering the life of their 5 year old son after police found the boy malnourished in the cupboard.


The Escape

According to the report, Miss Turpin had, after her escape, found a mobile phone in the home, which she used to call the police telling them about the activities of her parents.

She had reportedly claimed that she alongside her 12 siblings were been held captive in their home by their parents against their will. She also claimed some of her siblings were been chained to beds in a filthy room.

The Revelation


Police officers who swung to action after the startling call, reportedly found 12 individuals that ranged from the age of 2 to 29 been locked in a foul-smelling house living in the dark without access to adequate food or water.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department also revealed that some of the children found were restrained from moving freely or about with chains and padlocks.

The officers also revealed that some of the 13 siblings found were adults though they were so malnourished and looking younger than their ages. The 17-year old girl that blew her parents' activities opened reportedly looked 10.

The Turpin couple's arrest

The Turpin couple, who were arrested after the call to the police were unable to give any cogent reason for their actions as of the time of arrest, the New York Times reported.


57-year old David and 49-year old Louise were reportedly arrested on charges of child torture and child endangerment.

Authorities said the couple were been held in jail with their bail each set at $9million.



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