The dramatic incident happened at the Tamale STC yard resulting in a delay of the bus’s take-off time as some passengers refused to board the bus, claiming they could not withstand the wild mosquitoes.

According to reports, the passengers were scheduled to travel from Tamale in the Northern Region to Cape Coast and Takoradi in the Central and Western Regions respectively when some of them refused to board the bus.

Their excuse was that the invasion of the mosquitoes would be a nuisance to them especially as their journeys were long.

Graphic Online’s Tamale correspondent, Samuel Duodu who was at the STC station reported that some four ladies presumed to be students were supposed to sit at the back seat but raised their reservations about the mosquitoes.

To bring the situation under control, managers of STC in Tamale reportedly apologised to the passengers and then brought a can of insecticide to spray the mosquitoes which were seen flying over the seats inside the bus.

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However, their attempt further aggravated the situation as some other passengers also resisted the effort, arguing that they were asthmatic and could not entertain the scent of the spray.

As the managers took their trouble to persuade the passengers to soften their stance to resolve the situation, the bus delayed for 45 minutes and took off 3:pm instead of 3 pm.