Some angry and shocked onlookers reportedly pounced on a preacher and beat him mercilessly at Onitch in Nigeria's Anambra State after a condom fell from his Bible in public.

It appears the evangelists who is known for preaching the word f God at lorry parks was about to refer to a certain part of the Bible when the contraceptive dropped from it.

It is baffling why the preacher chose the Bible of all places to keep his condoms.

Nigeria media reports that the poor bus preacher begged for his life, crying that he only does the “work of God” for financial gains.

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The attack was so fierce that it was only the timely arrival of police officers at the scene that saved the preacher’s life.

Reports say two persons were arrested in connection with the attack.

Before the unfortunate incident, he always approached travelling buses to pray for their safety. He also preached to the passengers as they embarked on long trips.