Woman catches cheating lover using serial number on his condom pack

A cheating man was found wanting after his lover devised a bizarre strategy to track him using the serial numbers on his condom packs.

Woman catches cheating lover using serial numbers on his condom packs

According to a Twitter user identified as @tilewa__, the man could not explain himself to his upset woman after it came to light through the ‘serial number tracking’ that the man has been using the condoms on other women and replacing them with new ones.

“Omooo I’m dead. some girls are mad o. how can you write down the serial number of the condoms in your man’s room to know if he always replaces it or it’s the same ones u left there????

Lmaooo he actually replaced it with new ones… that’s the thing. That’s how she found out and she’s been raising hell since. The boy doesn’t even know how to defend himself,” @tilewa__ wrote on Twitter.

In similar news, a young man has disclosed how he walked into his bedroom only to find his wife to whom he has been married for the past four years having sex with no other than her blood brother in her matrimonial bed of all places.

He said they are putting pressure on him to take down the social media post he has made to express his shock at what he saw, but he has called their bluff.

Taking to Twitter to narrate the unpleasant discovery, the heartbroken man went to the extent of revealing his wife’s Twitter handle, saying he is prepared for the consequences.

“My wife and her brother are having sex with each other, the day I found out my heart was bleeding, I never imagined a married woman committing incest in her matrimonial home. What baffles me is that my wife is a minister in the house of God.

I have still not recovered from the shock of what I saw in my home. Things are happening in this world, My family wants me to forgive her, but if I’m to forgive her I want it to come from my heart. For now, I can’t look her in the eyes

My wife and her family are threatening my life, there are demanding I take this post down but I won’t, this is my wife handle @vivianrora we have been married for 4years now. She even has the guts to threaten me,” @OG_Stephenn wrote on Twitter.

His post has sparked a lot of reactions with most people expressing shock that a married woman could do what he is accusing his wife of having done.


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