Well, while you are thinking about it, a 24-year-old man did not hesitate in doing so on August 4 during the mass shooting incident carried out by a gunman in Dayton, Ohio, United States.

The gunman identified as Connor Betts was killed by police within 30 seconds of the first shots being fired, after he had succeeded in killing nine people, leaving 27 others injured.

During the incident, a CCTV footage captured a young man identified as Camryn Crowder, using his body to shield his girlfriend from being hit by bullets after she stumbled and fell.

He is seen in the video jumping onto his lover on the ground and covering her up with his body, while trying to move her to safety at the same time.

Speaking after the widely condemned attack, Crowder said: “I saw people getting hit. I literally saw them fall… I was certain that I was going to be next in line, really, at some point.”

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But what could have boosted a young man’s bravery so much that instead of fleeing for his life as everybody else was doing in the unexpected attack, he chose to sacrifice his life for his girlfriend?

 “I was pretty nervous, I mean, I thought for sure that it was gonna be my last day really being alive.

“It was just a trail of bodies lying there. I had seen about four people that had gotten hit. Laying on the sidewalk and in the middle of the street,” he added.

Watch him in action in the video below: