According to the Kenyan writer Aoko Otieno, women should not use their personal experiences to create a negative stereotype against men in general.

Aoko was responding to a tweet by a lady identified as Njoki Ngumi who refers to herself as a feminist on Saturday, July 4.

"I revere your intellect on a repertoire of stuff - politics, current affairs. Until you wear the cloak of toxic feminism. It's a cinch that you, rookie, Mutoko and cabal are serial spinsters who just hate men out of personal experiences and tag it on patriarchy," she argued.

Ngumi’s offence was that she had stated that one cannot win against patriarchy by being reasonable.

In her response to the feminist, the author argued that men and women are not equal in anatomy, aptitude and day-to-day issues in life, so both parties should accept their "place" in the society for peace to prevail.

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"I have no time for any form of feminism that has the word gender attached to it. I only have time for equity feminists. Those who recognize the glaring fact that men and women are not equal in our anatomy, aptitude and the issues we face," she added.

Her controversial description of feminism went viral on social media with Twitter users divided over her view. While most people agreed with her, others disagreed.