One man’s kontomire is another man’s spinach, kale or collard so feel free to substitute any of these especially with spinach, which I often do.

Legend has it that the nickname “Palava Sauce” originated from a meeting between a group of European colonialists and representatives of some of the indigenous folks at Elmina in pre-independence Ghana to discuss trade.

Kontomire stew, however, is as Ghanaian as Ghana’s Kenkey even though Nigeria and other countries have similar versions of this tasty stew. And in today's recipe, I show you how to prepare delicious kontomire stew the Ghanaian way.

: Steps 11 and 12 can be done interchangeably

Let it simmer and its readyServe with Yam, Plantain,rice, gari ball( eba) , etc.

Inspired by Nestle's "Healthy Living Africa" initiative. Find out more here >