How well do you know your penis? You might think that you know it so well but that might not be the case.

There is so much beside the external part of your phallus and it’s also a little bit more complex than you thought.

Check out these interesting facts about the penis:

1. The penis can erect before birth. How this happens is still a mystery to doctors but ultrasound scans performed on the fetus sometimes show a fully developed erection. What an organ!

2. Your penis is double what you see. What you see is just the external part of the phallus and like half of it is hidden inside your pelvic region.

3. You can actually break your penis and this is no joke. The penis has no bones but it still can break if you engage in vigorous sex. Terrible, right? Be more careful than adventurous with your boy.

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4. According to Men’s Health, the average male orgasm lasts for only six seconds. On the contrary, the female orgasms lasts for approximately 23 seconds. How unfair. Anyway, nature has its unique ways of balancing every aspect.

5. Smoking can actually shorten your dick by a centimeter. So you had better quit it asap before your boy makes a disappearance.

6. There is a grower and a shower type of penis. Where do you fall? Well, a grower penis expands and lengthens when getting an erection. On the other hand, a shower penis seems bigger most of the time and does not change much in size during erection. Most men however, possess the grower penis.

7. Forget about the brain and ejaculation. Seemingly, ejaculation does not rely on your brain. The signal to ejaculate comes from a region in the spinal cord which coordinates the necessary function. However, brains play certain roles such as delaying the process by thinking about other things besides intercourse.