GE Africa was recently awarded the 2016 Best ESG Energy Infrastructure Partner Africa Award by international business publication, who recognised the pioneering work of the company in promoting responsible business practices.

By prioritising environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns, GE Africa is able to minimise risk throughout the organisation. acknowledged GE Africa’s efforts and the manner in which the company aligns its corporate strategies to improve the sustainability of its business while also decreasing its environmental  footprint.

To achieve these goals, GE Africa has a Sustainability Steering Committee to monitor performance, evaluate stakeholder feedback and keep tabs on emerging trends.

The committee shares its findings with the executive management team, which then uses the information to formulate new programmes, initiatives and corporate policies.

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GE Africa’s recent achievements include the signing of a number of memorandums of understanding to develop projects in key sectors such as power generation and healthcare. The company will be supplying and maintaining 38 turbines for the Kinangop Wind Farm in Kenya and they are also involved in the development of the Kipeto Wind Farm, which will inject 100MW into Kenya’s national grid.

The company also worked together with Safaricom, Kenya’s leading cellphone provider, on the development of the Durathon battery, which allows telecom providers to keep their networks running during power outages.

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“GE is committed to the highest standards in business with regards to our infrastructure initiatives,” said GE Africa President and CEO, Jay Ireland. “We are proud to have won this  award that recognises how passionate we are about conducting business in accordance with environmental, social and governance best practice,” said Ireland. is an international print journal and website, based in London.

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