Some 20 journalists drawn from the East Africa region will undergo basic training on the Energy sector in Africa.

The training will focus on using data to tell stories that will enrich media content and inform citizens on the energy sector.

The training is set to take place between October 9 and 10 2015, in Nairobi, Kenya.

The training will explore the importance of covering the energy sector, the weaknesses identified in coverage of infrastructure and energy-related issues, as well as the use of data and cutting edge technologies to craft and disseminate media messages for audiences across all platforms.

Director of Communications for GE Africa Patricia Obozuwa said the initiative was part of the company's efforts to support developmental journalism through capacity building. She said the media plays a key role in influencing development of societies.

"As an Energy and Infrastructure company, we are glad to be associated with the Energy and Infrastructure category of the prestigious CNN awards. We believe this training will ultimately help in the quality of entries for subsequent awards" said Obozuwa.

This workshop will be the first in a series of regional training events that GE will sponsor to create an Africa-wide network of journalists specialising in reporting on energy and infrastructure.

AMI's partnership with GE will provide the necessary expertise required in shaping media understanding of the energy and infrastructure sector.

Journalists will be encouraged to publish and broadcast stories that drive the development agenda and clearly outline the critical role that energy and infrastructure play in the growth of national economies.