5 Ghanaian celebrity pictures that caught our attention over the weekend

As the weekend unfolded, the Ghanaian entertainment scene came alive with the vibrant activities of some of its most beloved celebrities.

Celebrity photos over the weekend

Lydia Forson, Harold Amenyah, Joselyn Dumas, Hamamat, and Gyakie graced social media with their weekend escapades, providing fans with a glimpse into their glamorous lives.

Lydia Forson: A Weekend of Elegance

Lydia Forson, known for her acting prowess and sharp wit, enjoyed a weekend filled with elegance and relaxation.


From sharing snapshots of her luxurious brunch at a high-end restaurant to candid moments with friends, Lydia reminded us that weekends are meant for unwinding.

Harold Amenyah: Fashion Forward

Harold Amenyah, actor and fashion icon of Ghana, took the weekend to showcase his impeccable style.

Whether he was attending a fashion event or sharing glimpses of his wardrobe, Harold's fashion game remained on point, leaving fans in awe.


Joselyn Dumas: Weekend Vibes

Joselyn Dumas, the multifaceted actress and media personality, shared her weekend adventures with grace and charm.

She indulged in a variety of activities, from attending social events to enjoying quality time with family.

Joselyn's radiant smile lit up her social media feed.


Hamamat: Embracing Culture and Nature

Hamamat, the model and entrepreneur, took the weekend to reconnect with her roots and the beauty of nature.

Her posts highlighted her love for Ghana's culture and landscapes, inspiring her followers to appreciate the country's natural treasures.

Gyakie: The Weekend Melody


Gyakie, the rising star of Ghanaian music, didn't spare us over the weekend.

She teased fans with pictures of her beautiful self, keeping the excitement alive among her dedicated fan base.

In conclusion, this weekend offered a delightful insight into the lives of these Ghanaian celebrities.

From luxury and fashion to culture and music, Lydia Forson, Harold Amenyah, Joselyn Dumas, Hamamat, and Gyakie each embraced the weekend in their unique way, reminding us of the diverse talents in the entertainment.


As we eagerly await more updates from these talented individuals, one thing is clear: the Ghanaian entertainment industry continues to shine bright, even on the weekends.


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