5 simple and easy date ideas for the Month of Love

February is known as the month of love primarily because of Valentine’s day. Celebrated on the 14th of February, it’s a day of love where people exchange cards, flowers, and gifts with their loved ones. They may usually arrange a dinner or a night out at a fancy restaurant or in a hotel.

Month of Love

Here are some other activities you can engage in during the month, to show love to your partner.

Picnic Date

Instead of paying for an overpriced meal at a plush restaurant, how about packing up and going picnic and enjoying nature with your loved one at the Aburi Botanical Gardens


Grab some snacks and drinks from your local store, find an old blanket, and grab your Bluetooth speakers and you’re all set for a romantic picnic on the serene hilltop of Aburi. This a simple and perfect way to connect with your partner and discover nature's beauty on a reasonable budget.

Go Sporting And Chill

Food is not the only way to bond with your partner. Friendly go-kart races with your partner will bring some competition and excitement into your day and a hot way to keep the romance alive.

To make it even more competitive, go along with another couple and turn it into a real challenge.



If you’re looking for an intelligent way to spend your day and a fun way to learn and fire up your romantic life with your partner, book a weekend getaway to a serene eco-lodge and spend time with your loved one, very easy on the pocket with lots of relaxation and therapy for the body and soul while connecting with your partner away from the hustle from the city.

Movie In The Park


Having dinner and a movie is considered to be the typical date night. well sounds perfect, thought of skipping the dinner and sticking with the movie. To make it more romantic and fancy, avoid the noisy cinema, and take your partner on a road trip to an open park, mount a screen, and project to watch a movie lying in your tent with some drinks and popcorn.

The Perfect Homie Date

If you are looking to stay in with your partner and avoid the hustle and stress of a night out, your humble abode is your best bet! This can be turned into the perfect setting for a romantic time for you and your partner. Cook your partner a meal, served with sweet wine from the cable mountains. Enjoy the breathtaking moments together and remember when you both first met.

With these options, there’s no need to go out and spend so much on exorbitant outings. Choose your preferred date and win extra points with the love of your life!


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