5 simple ways to pass the SAT Examination

SAT is the current name of the then called Scholastic Assessment Test (this is a predecessor of the Scholastic Aptitude Test) developed by the College Board in 1926. The SAT is a standard examination that is used purposely for college or university admissions for undergraduate courses in the United States of America. It tests students’ readiness for college.

Passing SAT Examination

It tests for knowledge in writing, critical reading, and mathematics in an exam duration of 3 hours. Some scholarship agencies require beneficiaries to write and pass the SAT for enrollment in the United States. If you are ready to attend a university in the USA, then this article will help you prepare and pass the SAT. Passing the SAT involves adequate preparation and the 5 suggestions below will help you:

Start studying early once you are sure of writing the SAT, start preparing immediately. Waiting for some days for the exam will lead to nothing but failure. Drawing schedules has been proven effective to help you prepare adequately. The schedule should include things you will do every day (daily routine) with time allocated for studying your SAT materials. If you don’t start studying early, you will end up cramming (chew and pour) which is a bad idea. Cramming will make you feel like you are absorbing too much information and you will end up forgetting them.

  1. Have a timetable: Prepare a timetable for studying. Learn 3-4 hours each day and review what you have learned before moving to a new topic. You will find it easier to recall when you are re-exposed to information. Take breaks in between the studying to make the information sink in.
  2. Use the best SAT preparation materials: There are millions of so-called prep materials on the internet. However, not all are actual representations of the format of the SAT. You can get credible practice questions on the College Board website or highly recommended sites providing that service. You can get textbooks at most digital and traditional book stores which contain past questions of the SAT to help you prepare.
  3. Teach yourself mental math: All parts of the examination are timed. It means you must be quick and accurate so you don’t run out of time. The mathematics part of the examination has a part where calculators can be used and others where they aren’t allowed. So teach yourself some basic tricks in mathematics like how to perform addition, subtraction, and multiplication off-head. You can also memorize specific operations. For example, you can memorize the answer to 13x2, 21/3, and others. Adopting this trick will save you time for other parts which are more time-consuming.
  4. Sharpen your grammar skill: The writing and critical thinking aspect of the SAT entails a lot of grammar. Understanding the question is part of the answer, so it is advisable to be abreast with grammar. Go through your old grammar notes, partake in online grammar quizzes, ask your teacher for help in areas you struggle with, and watching YouTube videos on the subject area.

Knowing your punctuations should also be on your priority list to pass the SAT.


Prince Afram

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