5 things Ghanaians want waakye sellers to stop doing

In Ghana, waakye is not just a meal; it's an experience.


This beloved dish, a mix of rice, and beans, and often served with a variety of sides, is a staple for many. However, Ghanaians have a few bones to pick with their local waakye sellers.

From over-promising to under-delivering, let's delve into the four things Ghanaians are begging waakye sellers to stop doing.

1. Lying that the wele is soft

Everyone loves soft wele with their waakye. But sometimes, the wele is hard, and sellers still say it's soft.


Waakye sellers have to stop telling their customers that the wele is soft. People just want the truth – if the wele is hard, it's better to know before so we don’t buy it.

2. Making noise with the ladle

Some sellers hit the ladle on the pot a lot when serving waakye. They do this to make it seem like they are giving more food.

But customers know it’s just a trick. They want sellers to stop doing this. We already get it, so just give us the food and stop drumming.


3. Same amount, different price

When you buy waakye 7 cedis and it doesn’t look like it’s enough don’t tell them to increase it to 10cedis it will still be the same.

Just buy another pack, waakye sellers need to stop giving us the same quantity of waakye for different prices.

4. Making you think they’re giving you stew

Lastly, everyone wants enough stew and shito on their waakye, not just oil. When there's too much oil and not enough stew, it's not as enjoyable. So, people are asking for more stew on their waakye.


5 Stop cleaning the waakye leaves in their clothes

Finally, there's a big talk about how waakye leaves are cleaned. We often see sellers wiping the leaves on their clothes before serving the food.

But this isn't clean at all. Sellers should use clean water or a clean cloth to wipe the leaves. This way, we know our food is safe and clean to eat.

It’s simple – be honest about the wele, don’t trick us with the ladle, make the food worth the money, and give us more stew, not just oil.

Waakye is important in our daily lives, and these changes can make it even better for everyone.


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