What to do when your partner gets married to someone else: A guide

As absurd as it may sound, it can happen to anyone at any time.

When your partner marries someone else

If it has never happened to you or anyone close to you, you might think that these things only happen in movies.

Truth is they are very common and nothing prepares you for the shock you’ll receive when find out that your partner got hitched to someone else.

Though it could be a challenging situation, here’s a guide to help you navigate through this tough journey.

Give yourself time; don’t rush your grieving and healing process, you are human when someone betrays you, you are going to feel the pain.


Allow yourself to cry and be sad about it, acting like a superhuman isn’t going to help.

Go through all the stages of grief so you can heal properly and move on.

Get support; Open up to trusted friends and family, it is easier to heal when you have people to talk to.

They become your support system and they stop you from making grave mistakes sometimes.

You can also get support from professionals, like a therapist or psychologist if you can afford it.


Self-care; take care of yourself, the worst thing you can do to yourself is let someone come to find you wherever they left you.

Upgrade yourself, and live your life to the fullest.

Don’t reach out to them; As hard as this may seem, don’t reach out to them.

This is because they are likely to lie to you and blame everyone else.

They may play the victim card and if you still like them you may fall for it.


They will end up stringing you along again, wasting more of your time and causing you more pain.

Acceptance; Don’t go looking for closure, find closure in how they chose to end things with you.

Accept what they did and just leave things where they are, pushing for closure will give them the chance to explain their actions.

if you go pushing for answers, they may get closure while you’re still in pain.

Set Boundaries; if need be, set boundaries, block them if you have to, or change location if you can.


Restrict all the access they have to you; this is to help you heal faster and to prevent them from coming back and ruining you even further.

Focus on your future; no matter what happens life goes on, focus on what is ahead of you.

Whoever did you dirty does not deserve you, and you’ll be surprised by what lies ahead of you. Give life and love a chance.

Sometimes losing what you thought you wanted helps you make room for what you didn’t even know you needed.

Forgiveness; Learn to let it go, forgiveness sets you free. Forgiveness doesn’t also mean that you have to reconcile with them, no.


Forgiveness frees you of the pain they put you through and helps you approach future relationships with a positive attitude.


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