8 things to include in your natural hair routine

Well taken care of natural hair is a beautiful thing to behold. But, before your natural hair can reach that stage, you have to take your natural hair journey. Most importantly, you should have a natural hair routine which should include most if not all of the points below.

How to moisturize natural hair
  • Wash your hair frequently. 

Natural hair is delicate and needs to be clean as frequently as possible. You don’t necessarily have to follow a strict wash pattern, but it is advisable to wash as and when it gets dirty, and with the right products.

  • Use the appropriate combs and detanglers

Combing natural hair can be a bit difficult sometimes. This particular activity has discouraged a lot of women from keeping their hair natural. Meanwhile, there are appropriate combs and detanglers like the wide tooth comb, afro pick and detangling brush, among others, that can be used to make the activity easy and pain-free.

  • Wear a silk bonnet before you go to bed 

Women with natural hair are advised to cover the hair with a silk bonnet for bed. This will reduce friction between the hair and bed surface during sleep and hence reduce hair breakage.

  • Do not comb dry hair

No matter the volume of your hair, do not comb it while dry. You can wet it with water in a spray bottle before combing to make it easy. Aside from that, it reduces breakage and supports length retention.

  • Wear protective hairstyles frequently

It is not advisable to just leave your natural hair sitting on your head in a messy state for long periods. If your hair is not in braids or a weave-in, it should be in protective styles. There are a ton of protective hairstyles for natural hair that you can do for yourself, some of these include twist out, cornrows, flat twist, etc.

  • Use quality shampoo and conditioner to wash hair

At all costs, please avoid using bathing soap to wash your natural hair. Use quality natural hair shampoo and conditioner to rid your hair of sweat, product build-up and every kind of dirt. I wish I could recommend a few for you, too bad I can’t, lol.

  • Cut off split ends to make room for growth

Occasionally trim the split ends of your natural hair to prevent the split from travelling all the way up the hair shaft. Split ends are a sign that your hair is damaged and should be trimmed.

  • Moisturize the hair frequently. 

Natural hair should not be frequently left dry, and for long periods. There are quite a number of products that can be used to moisturize the hair, prominent amongst them is the leave-in conditioner. However, water should be the ultimate choice when it comes to natural hair moisture.

Having a natural hair routine and giving your hair enough attention and utmost care can be very beneficial and can support hair growth as well. But most importantly, keep your hands out of your hair!


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