Make great use of today as you enjoy the liberation our forefathers so diligently fought for. Today is not a day to be gloomy and sad. 

Today is too exciting to be low-spirited. Read on to find out creative ways to spend this glorious day. 

Attend the Independence Day parade

Sorry Accra folks but this time its Tamales turn to enjoy all the wonderful activities at the Independence parade. And for my people in the northern region, don’t miss this opportunity to witness all the colour displays live. 

Spend time with family and friends

Our busy schedules hardly make way for relaxation especially spending quality time with loved ones. Today being a holiday, grab this opportunity to reminisce as well as make new memories with our special people.

Go shopping

Holidays come with discounts sales all over the country. This is probably the time to save big on purchases by taking advantage of this opportunity. So grab your purse and sunglasses, step out into the sunshine and fill your shopping baskets with goodies. 

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Take the special someone to a coded location

It’s a holiday! Leave all the work baggage at work and focus on building your relationship. Time to inject some spice into that stale relationship. Take them out to dinner or someplace fancy for some alone time. Or spend the whole day out of town with absolutely zero distractions.

Time for me time

You’ve been grinding all week long and it’s time to take a break – for yourself. Clean up your space or soak yourself in a warm bath, either way, just do what makes you happy. Watch that movie you’ve been aiming to, read that book you abandoned and get that sleep you skipped. Today is all about you, be selfish!