Fat accumulation in the face areas is more visible which may contribute to a bigger, puffy, round, chubby and fuller face.

Though chubby face gives a cute face expression and may not contribute to any disease, it can have negative viewpoints as far as the personality of a person is concerned.

However, the good news is, there are many simple and effective tips to lose fat on your face. Here are some of them:

  • Stay hydrated

Increased hydration can lead to fat loss by decreasing food intake and increased lipolysis (fat burn). Drinking water half an hour before the meal tends to decrease your appetite. Also, water temporarily increases the body’s metabolism that leads to increased calorie burn. These factors help burn the fat and may contribute to losing face fat.

  • Facial exercises are important

Facial exercises contribute a lot to toning and sliming the facial muscles and giving a perfect chiselled jawline. A study suggests that 20 weeks of facial exercises or facial yoga can rejuvenate the ageing face and improve skin appearance by improving mid-face and lower face fullness.

  • Avoid too much salt

Excess salt causes the body to retain more water, thus increasing the weight of the body by some extra pounds. This may cause an illusion of excess facial fat when the water retained in the face region. However, when the consumption of sodium through dietary sources such as fast foods are reduced, the body parts start getting slimmer.

  • Maintain a sleep timing

Inadequate amount of sleep causes disturbs the circadian cycle, slows down the metabolism and increase appetite. This leads to untimely hogging of foods causing an increase in the calorie intake. Maintaining a proper sleep timing may help boost your metabolism and burn those extra calories from all areas of the body, including the face.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol

Excess consumption of alcohol can sometimes lead to water retention in the body, especially in the facial areas and make the face look puffy and bloated. A study suggests that drinking more than seven times a week can increase the risk of obesity and weight gain. This has been mostly found in beer drinkers.